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• Use the ‘lyrics pdf’ file to check it is the correct version for you (you may print these lyrics off for no charge) and the ‘sample bite’ button to listen to a little of the accompaniment to check that it’s the track you want.

• Click the ‘add to cart’ button. Then either to continue shopping

• Click the ‘back’ button (or arrow) on your browser and continue to add all the tracks you want to buy or to pay for your tracks follow the instructions on the Shopping Cart

When you have paid for your selected tracks

• The tracks you have chosen should be displayed as links in the format ‘(title of song) zip file’, click on each one to download it to your computer.

• Open the file, it will be in the format ‘pt[reference number].zip’ and it should appear on your desktop (Mac) or wherever you have downloaded to.

• Drag the tracks marked ‘[reference number][title of song].mp3’ into iTunes or other mp3 player.

• You can play the tracks on your computer, download to your MP3 player and burn onto a CD as you wish (see the Terms of Use).

For further assistance please contact me via email –

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