Downloadable piano tracks played on a real piano to help you learn and perform your songs.

All tracks £3.99

“Tom this is incredible! I honestly can't thank you enough, I have no idea how I would have been able to do this without these tracks. I was not expecting it to be so fantastically thorough.”
Kelly. California
Singing Teacher

Leading Vocal Coach, Tom Wakeley
Tom Wakeley is the Vocal Coach at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and has worked on many shows in London’s West End. For more information about Tom, see the about page.

Tom plays all the piano backing tracks and exercises himself, and also provides these useful audition tips.

Custom Tracks
If the song or arrangement you need is not on the site you can request a custom track.

Vocal Exercises
When it comes to learning to sing, vocal exercises can be very important. In Tom’s five-day vocal exercise regime you have a structured vocal programme to follow each day of the week – free to downoad (Monday through to Friday).

To help you find your vocal range we have the very popular male and female vocal range finders. Tom talks you through how you can find your upper and lower vocal range.

In every PracticeTrack you get…

A Piano Backing Track

Your Accompaniment.
Real Pianist. Real Piano.

Your Melody

Only your tune (topline) is played on the piano.
No accompaniment.

Melody and Accompaniment

(If the melody is not in the piano part).Played simultaneously.
Does what it says on the tin really.

The ‘Talk Track’

I’ll guide you through all the nitty gritties on the sheet music.
Things like dynamics, composer notes, interpretation, etc.

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