The site for anyone who wants to learn songs

Downloadable piano tracks played on a real piano to help you learn and perform your songs.

In every PracticeTrack you get…

A Piano Backing Track

Your Accompaniment. Real Pianist. Real Piano.

The Melody and the Accompaniment

(If the melody is not in the piano part.) Played simultaneously.

Your Melody

Only your tune (topline) is played on the piano. No accompaniment.

The Talk Track

I’ll guide you through all the nitty gritties on the sheet music. Things like dynamics, composer notes, interpretation, etc.

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Tom plays all the piano backing tracks and exercises himself, and also provides these useful audition tips.

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Custom Track


/up to 4 pages

£2.99 for each additional page of sheet music for single melody lines. Each additional vocal part is £3.99 (for the whole song).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the track I want isn’t on the site?

Send me a pdf of what you want recorded and I’ll record it for you (See Custom Tracks).

Can I have it in a different key?

If you can send me a pdf of the sheet music in the key you want I’ll record it for you.

Can I use your tracks for my recordings?

Yes, if it’s not for commercial gain.  I would ask that you credit me for the playing.

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AbigailLondon, England

Tom this is incredible! I honestly can't thank you enough, I have no idea how I would have been able to do this without these tracks and thank you for recording the separate lines + helpful talk at the beginning, I was not expecting it to be so fantastically thorough.

I will 100% be recommending to my friends along with using your website with lots more tracks!

MaureenVictoria, Australia

What a marvellous site you have set up... beautifully played and phrased. Thank you for your work

AmyCalifornia, USA

Thanks for the tracks. Brilliant as usual!!!
Just love what you do... I have given several people your info!!! I have been so excited all week about the tracks!!!!

GaryFinchley, London

I can't thank you enough. I have been winging it practically my whole career and now since moving to New York that is even more the case. To have you as a resource is so valuable to me and the speed at which you turn these tracks around is amazing.

JuliaLondon, England

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks very much for the tracks you recorded. They are perfect.
Wonderful to have the talk from yourself as well.